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English Enhancement

Primo Learning Centre has developed a series of classroom-based sessions aimed at increasing English speaking and listening proficiencies of Primary 1 – Primary 6 students. Our custom-tailored materials can help to integrate our lessons with the curriculum and lesson topics of your school. Below are examples of popular courses:


A. Vocabulary Building


 The aim of this course is to help students to enlarge their vocabulary bank which will enhance their reading/writing skills and interest. The target is that students can learn the use of 100-150 daily life related vocabularies after a 10-lesson course.


 B. Grammar Refresher


 The aim of this course is to strengthen the grammar foundation of students at their current level. In the last few sessions, some grammar items of a more advanced level will be introduced as a preparation to the next grade.


 C. Process Writing


 The aim of this course is to train students thinking process, the drafting of essay outline and understanding of sentence and paragraph structure.


 D. Fun Art and Writing


The aim of this course is to learn English through art and craft so as to enrich both students’ creativity and English competency.